First blog post – Embrace the Inner Nerd

You know you are a “special” teacher when kids are excited to bring you treasures like worms, rocks (sometimes shattered glass on the playground…), and moldy things. Thanks, junior scientists. I hope to foster curiosity. Truly. I recognize I may not be the coolest teacher, although I was told by a 5th grade boy a few years ago that I have the best matching shoes and earrings among teachers. However, I am a nerd. I am here to embrace the inner nerd.

You know you are a nerd if 1) You park your car based on the parking space least likely to be hit, statistically speaking…2) You purchase a math workbook for your vacation and actually use it 3) It takes you longer to grocery shop than anyone you know because you enjoy solving the obvious math problems in the store mentally….what is the best deal??? Who DOESN’T do this? 4) A family member says, “I don’t want to learn anything from you about rocks or landforms on my vacation. No learning on this trip.” As far as an update, this family member can now correctly identify the difference between weathering and erosion and has even pointed out for me to take pictures of said processes. Yep. She still needs help with the rock cycle though. 5) You apparently like mold and gross science stuff enough that children bring you algae and moldy things from home just to look at (true…this happened today) 6) You get lost in thought or a conversation because you start analyzing someone’s grammar usage 7) You prefer men who can text using a comma correctly. People, these are real problems with real people. Don’t judge too harshly. I’m not particularly smart, just nerdy.

I love this video from Ed Sheeran: Embrace Who You Are!



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