We Will “ROCK” You

I.Love.Rocks. This was such an intimidating unit for me to learn, but I took classes and researched. Now this is a unit that my kids really ROCK. Hahaha. That will never get old. In fact, while traveling to Ireland I HAD to purchase this rock cycle t-shirt. Had. To.rd_Sheep

Minerals. Minerals. Minerals.


The VERY first teaching objective with the rock cycle unit is to clearly identify between rocks and minerals. Minerals are one pure substance and make up rocks. They are often times just one color….but not always. You can do scratch tests if you have the scratch plates. One lab I do is to pass out mini portion cups of Mike & Ike candies. (You can also do this lab with Legos. But don’t eat the Legos at the end…) I have each student pick out 3-4 candies, BUT they have to be the same color. Each student twists and mashes their candies together, making sure they have only one color. Each ball of sugar delight represents a mineral. I have students sketch the glob in their journal and write about it: made of 1 color, all the same candy, combined but similar pieces, etc. Next, I have students pick out 3-4 different colored Mike & Ike candies. We do the same thing, and twist these together. How is this different? This would represent a rock because it is made of different pieces (minerals). Minerals make up rocks. After students compare and contrast the candies with each other, then identify them as minerals versus rocks, and eat them. I like to tell my students, “Go home today and say how mean your teacher is because she asked us to eat ROCKS at school!” Hahahaha. Then, of course, the students need to explain what our cool activity was. The more students teach to others, the more they understand.

Just like QUEEN, you sing the following words with the tune to Queen’s We Will ROCK You. I always let the kids listen to the original song first. We stand up to do this. I have the students practice the rhythm of STOMP-STOMP-CLAP, STOMP-STOMP-CLAP throughout the song. I really don’t know who to attribute this recreation to, but I LOVE it…as do my squirts.


We will we will rock you! 
we will we will rock you!

Volcanos erupt with lava so hot
it cools and hardens and its igneous rock cuz
rocks can change…all over this place…
they weather, and melt, and get rearranged!

We will we will rock you!
we will we will rock you!

Rock gets weathered into tiny tiny rocks
layers and layers get piled on top
it gets compacted, its elementary
this rock will become sedimentary

we will we will rock you
we will we will rock you!

Any type of rock under heat and pressure
becomes metamorphic and thats for sure
cuz rocks can change, all over this place..
they weather, and melt and get rearranged

we will we will rock you
we will we will rock you!

Teachers, ROCK on! If YOU love the rock cycle, THEY will love the rock cycle.


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