About Cara

Teaching has been my whole entire world for the last 11 years. Occasionally, I come up for air in the real world. I guess my journey as an educator started as a young girl when I first wanted to be a teacher. I used to save my already graded papers from school and reuse them on my “pretend” students. My parents bought me a chalkboard where I would use the chalk until my hands cracked. And that illusive little red pen….I was addicted to grading in RED. (Unfortunately, I learned in college there is some issue with red marks, so I rarely use it.) Fast forward many twists and turns (more like hurricanes and tsunamis) in my life’s journey…. I finally returned to college and went into education. I am forever proud of my work in college. I was told exceptional things by several professors, and that confirmed that I should be an educator. I went back for my master’s degree and ESL endorsement and a whole lot of classes to improve my skill. I have taught 3-6 grades and especially love teaching science. I have been blessed with the most spectacular experiences as an educator. I am humbled to work with the kids. I love the multiculturally diverse population I service. One of my greatest desires is to have education change the cycle of poverty with my students. When I brought my guitar to school one day, a student asked me if I had been on American Idol. No. I haven’t, so don’t confuse me with someone particularly awesome or talented. Funny, maybe. Funny looking, probably.

When I occasionally try to find a little balance outside of school, I love spending time with my family and friends, thrift store shopping, and worshiping God at church. And then there is my crazy cat, Ringo…And chocolate. And shopping for shoes. Yes, shoes are delightful. My goal is to have at least one pair of shoes for every color of the rainbow. I love people. My new church calling is to help feed the homeless on Sunday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Pretty groovy.  I could also travel the whole wide world, but not with Ringo. He’s a bit grouchy.