First blog post – Embrace the Inner Nerd

You know you are a “special” teacher when kids are excited to bring you treasures like worms, rocks (sometimes shattered glass on the playground…), and moldy things. Thanks, junior scientists. I hope to foster curiosity. Truly. I recognize I may not be the coolest teacher, although I was told by a 5th grade boy a few years ago that I have the best matching shoes and earrings among teachers. However, I am a nerd. I am here to embrace the inner nerd. Continue reading


Weathering is MESSY

Stream Table – excellent for WED demos

When I say W.E.D., I reassure my students that I don’t want them to WED their secret admirer in elementary school. I follow this up with notifying them that they aren’t allowed to WED anyone until me, their dear OLD – and single – science teacher, gets married before them. But….


W.E.D. is a shortened term for Weathering – Erosion – Deposition. W.E.D. This term is used when teaching the rock cycle, soil, and how Earth changes. Continue reading