Getting Started

This blog is dedicated to elementary teachers who need hands-on ideas in teaching STEM concepts, especially focusing on SCIENCE. For newbies, STEM is an acronym for SCIENCE * TECHNOLOGY * ENGINEERING * MATH. In my classroom, I consider it organized play that is a liiiiittttle chaotic at times. For someone entering my classroom at random, you may see my 6th graders ooohing and aaahhing while observing LIVE microscopic worms found from a duck pond, 5th graders building electrical circuits, 4th graders sorting animal photos into the correct ecosystem, or my enthusiastic 3rd graders racing balloon powered cars and graphing the results. Thus, it’s organized play as much as I can create. This blog will be a show-n-tell of my work as a full-time science specialist in my school. Magic starts here. Now. Today. My kids can learn just like any other kids even though 90% are considered in poverty. We have something like 18 languages spoken with a quite diverse population including refugees, chronically homeless students, and a whole lot of language barriers. Challenges, yes, of course. This is the population I want to work with because I not only make a difference every day, but I learn from THEM every day. I chose it and sought it out. I choose THEM. Continue reading