Who’s in CHARGE Anyways? – Electricity

What child (or adult) doesn’t get SPARKED UP by playing with electricity kits? I don’t know if I have ever taught a student who doesn’t CHEER when I pull these kits out. They are $60 from Lakeshore. You really need one box per group of about 4 students. These are likely out of a teacher’s budget, so I would advocate for writing a grant from Donor’s Choose for them. The only downside is that the lightbulb holders broke easily. I also have the magnet kits from Lakeshore…equally as great.


As a science teacher, it is ESSENTIAL that you let your students EXPLORE without you feeding them the answers! Let them discover and investigate. Teachers – – WALK AWAY. DON’T TALK. Watch magic happen! I let students have a chunk of time at the beginning of my electricity unit to play with these kits. I watch….and smile…and hear, “Miss Baldree, “Did you know…..?” Why, of course I do. But it is more powerful when students DISCOVER.

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